Inspired by the resonance of technology and architecture, the ArchiTEC brand is launched with the mission of approaching and applying technology in architectural design and construction project management for medium and small enterprises. Comply with the architectural start ups, grasp the development trend of the construction industry, join the pioneer team approach and transfer technology to create trends for the architecture and construction market. In order to optimize the management and implementation of construction design, we contribute to the overall development of the industry. Our target customers are architectural offices, medium and small – sized construction companies, furniture factory, decorations, interior equipment imported companies Furniture, equipment in general.

We believe that architecture shapes the quality of people’s lives. Our architects, in collaboration with the client, create innovative designs that serve the specific purposes of a project while contributing to the beauty of a site. We aim to create memorable structures and environments that are seamless additions to a community and its rhythm of life. Our design process, from concept development to construction oversight, is marked by meticulous attention to detail as much as creative inspiration.

Our aim is to create photo-realistic real-time applications and stills across various fields and domains but mainly architecture and design. At our studio, We’re changing how architectural visualization is done, and We’re reshaping it.

Imagine being present at your future properties before anything is built. Immersed within your projects, experiencing them in real-time and interacting with them in a Virtual environment Allowing you, your team and your clients for a better understanding of the project and making it a lot easier to take informed decisions. experiencing every aspect of a project rather than simply seeing.